Ordering a wallcover:
D A I S Y J A M E S offers wallcovering “Made on demand”. Simply put this means we adjust the chosen D A I S Y J A M E S design to the height of the wall in question.

How does it work?
If you want to place an order with us, you only need to send an e-mail to info@daisyjames.nl with the desired design and the dimensions off your wall(s) and any images or drawings, and we will provide you a quotation of the product via mail.
If you agree with our quotation, you will receive an invoice. As soon as we have been paid, we will change our design in accorance to the desired dimensions free of charge.
You can then expect the wallcover within three weeks.  Need us to apply the wallcover? Our dedicated team would be very happy to.  Want to apply it yourself? You are of course free to do so.

Custom to order
Is there something else you would have changed in our designs, apart from the dimensions? This too is possible!
With D A I S Y J A M E S it’s possible to adjust the design of your choice, and have it tweaked even more to the rest of your interior. We can, for example, change certain colors (to a certain degree) and add or change certain small details.
For orders larger than 25 m² this is free of charge. For orders smaller than 25 m² this is, sadly, not possible.

Applying the wallcover:

D A I S Y J A M E S has a competent team with loads of experience with applying many different projects.

Want to apply yourself?

You will receive the wallcovers delivered to your door by courier. Glue is not included. We can of course advise you on how to apply the wallcover and on what glue to use.

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