The Bird of Paradise Colour

In a paradise there’s food aplenty. So much, in fact, that the dad-birds of some species don’t have to help with feeding their offspring.
This gives them a lot of spare time to come up with the most bizarre, (to us) attractive (to birds) and remarkable (to us) mating rituals, songs and choreographies. These are ever evolving, cause the competition isn’t sitting still.
They only live in paradise though, (for them being Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Northeastern Australia) so if you want to enjoy them you have to fly there (Sooner rather than later as deforestation is endangering most of the species)
Or just decorate your wall with this D A I S Y  J A M E S wallcover featuring birds of paradise in all their splendor.

All our wallcovers are manufactured to customer specifications.

Delivery: 2 weeks

Our wallcover on roll concerns a high quality non-woven wallpaper, 500mm in width, and easy to apply.Our seamless wallcover is a single piece of vinyl, manufactured to your specifications.Both are strong, durable, light and color fast, scratch- and impact-resistant and suitable for projects.

Also available in these colors:

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