The Past

It is sad that a view like on the wallcover, with birds in abundance, will soon be a vision of the past. Most of the animals that we have come to share the world with are all but extinct. The seas will soon be truely be fishless, and the land we’ll share with small rodents.
The yellow colours on this wallcover make it look like it’s one of them old images hanging in schools’ classrooms. Those that were made in simpler times, times where learning all the animals around a pond seemed very decent natural education.

With our new Wallcover: The past D A I S Y  J A M E S tries to capture beauty of nature in general, but with a hint of nostalgia, and the fears that in a century, old, worn, discolored images are all we have left of what once was.

All our wallcovers are manufactured to customer specifications.

Delivery: 2 weeks

Our wallcover on roll concerns a high quality non-woven wallpaper, 500mm in width, and easy to apply.Our seamless wallcover is a single piece of vinyl, manufactured to your specifications.Both are strong, durable, light and color fast, scratch- and impact-resistant and suitable for projects.

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