The Lily

The lily that this wallcover is named after is absent in its final form. It has been there for a big part of its creation however, and its long lasting presense certainly helped make the end result what it is today. This pinkish-brown wallcover,  heavily inspired by impressionistic art nouveau  just breathes class. There’s a worn looking pattern that just yearns for further inspection, and as much D A I S Y  J A M E S in there as one would want.

All our wallcovers are manufactured to customer specifications.

Delivery: 2 weeks

Our wallcover on roll concerns a high quality non-woven wallpaper, 500mm in width, and easy to apply.Our seamless wallcover is a single piece of vinyl, manufactured to your specifications.Both are strong, durable, light and color fast, scratch- and impact-resistant and suitable for projects.

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